Community of hockey lovers

that enjoys a good time  playing hockey

WHF is a large group of hockey lovers. Professional and amateur hockey players.

We create one of the largest hockey groups in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to build positive attitude to hockey from all people around the world. We are permanently increasing!

We are people who love hockey

It’s not all about playing hockey, but also about building love for this beautiful game. It’s much better to play hockey with feeling, that you really enjoy it and you have very good group of people around you with the same hobbies.

We are forming hockey community

Our community is constituted by people, whose hearts are beating for hockey and who want to learn something new. It doesn’t matter about how old you are or which gender you feel to be. Hockey is for everyone!

We organize hockey meetings

Every year, we meet ourselves a tour „WHF Meeting“.  We get together on the hockeyball field, compete for amazing awards. Big hockey match is also the important part of our meeting. It is always very tight!

Number one group in hockey propagation

We are propagating hockey because we think it’s a great sport for children’s education and healthy lifestyle maintenance. That’s why we create various hockey motivational quotes or videos to inspire and motivate other people.

WHF is a select community of people

We are a bunch of people who enjoy hockey. We support each other and wish each other well. Our collective has been formed for 8 years. If you like hockey and want to be in a great group that meets year round to plan events, join us!

  • Competitions for prizes
  • The Pride Game
  • The joy of success
  • Girls are part of the party

Back into the history

All the information about the event can be found on our social networks.

event 2023


We thank our partners for their support of our project







Founders of the project

Ondřej Vaculík


Frederic Hakl


Our YouTube specialities

“Friends are the family you choose” -Jess C. Scott

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